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At TLC Drain & Sewer, our non-disruptive, trenchless technology and other advanced drain and sewer equipment allows us to make repairs quickly, and without a significant impact on systems, landscaping, or other structural features. Traditional drainage repair often involves excavation or displacement of existing landscaping, hardscaping, driveways, or parking lots. However, with our advanced sewer and drain tools, we’re able to get the job done with the lowest possible on-site impact to the environment. We also guarantee our work for 50 years, and with options for commercial and residential properties, we’re able to provide all the Philadelphia drain and sewer repair services you need. Call now to request an estimate, and find out why customers love TLC Drain & Sewer for yourself.

To learn more about sewer and drain repair in Philadelphia, contact us at (215) 639-7473.

Philadelphia Trenchless Pipe Repair & Replacement

At TLC, our state-of-the-art trenchless technology allows you to minimize environmental and functional usage impacts. Most of our drainage clearing, pipe restoration and repair jobs can be completed within days, without significantly disrupting your commercial or residential property. Traditional drainage repair often involves excavation or displacement of existing landscaping, hardscaping, driveways, parking lots, and more. Our trenchless repair services, on the other hand, are economically friendly, reducing soft costs and providing a non-disruptive repair option.

TLC uses tools called water line slitters, which can easily be fed into either side of your lines to insert new copper piping. We also offertrenchless pipe bursting service, which also allows us to replace buried sewer, water, or gas pipes. This non-disruptive repair strategy provides a convenient, cost-effective solution without greatly interrupting your daily life.

TLC Drain & Sewer’s trenchless pipe bursting service works like this:

  • Step One: Two holes are dug at either end of your pipe. A long cable is then inserted in one end of the pipe and pulled out through the other.
  • Step Two: A new, somewhat smaller pipe is inserted using this cable, and fed through your existing pipe.
  • Step Three: Once the component known as the “burst head” is secure, and the new pipe has expanded in place of the old one, the cable can be removed from your piping, and the holes can be filled at both ends, so your property looks good as new.

Root Intrusion Repair in Philadelphia

The tree roots in your yard are naturally going to be attracted to the moisture from your sewer and drain lines. Unfortunately, when roots grow too close to your lines, root intrusion can occur—this is where roots actually grow around and into your lines, creating leaks and blockages. Fortunately, TLC Drain & Sewer can use water line slitting to get rid of roots and repair your lines. Just make sure to watch out for this problem, since root intrusion can lead to significant property damage.

Common signs there are tree roots in your lines include:

  • Lush, green patches in your yard
  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Nasty smells coming from your drains
  • Drains that move slower than usual
  • An increase in insects or rodents around your property

Hydro Excavating in Philadelphia

Hydro excavating is a much safer way of removing debris from a confined area than traditional methods. Large equipment is often not a realistic option in an area where there are many intersecting or parallel utilities. That’s why TLC Drain & Sewer utilizes variable-pressure water jetting to liquefy the soil and loosen the surrounding compacted filler, so that we can then vacuum the emulsion directly into our truck. This process leaves a clean, safe work site, and it means that only a small area needs to be excavated, rather than a huge portion of your lawn or landscaping. In fact, we can work down to a trench from just a few inches across!

Hydro excavating is a fairly common process but you may have heard of it by another name, including:

  • Soft Digging
  • Hydro Vac
  • Hydro Trenching
  • Safe Digging
  • Don-Destructive Digging
  • Potholing
  • Daylighting
  • Vacuum Excavation

Pipe Excavation in Philadelphia

When trenchless solutions aren’t an option, TLC has the ability to utilize conventional excavation techniques to clean or repair your drain. During the open-top pipe excavation process, our contractors will carefully dig up your sewer or drain line, making sure it does not experience any additional damage. The dirt that we have dug up is set along the trench running the length of your drain/sewer line, allowing our team to easily access and service the line in question. In some cases, if you are only dealing with a small problem, like a small leak or crack, we can easily repair the line. Other times, when the line has experienced problems like significant root intrusion or corrosion, we may need to replace it altogether. In cases where we do need to lay new piping, the length of our trench may be extended.

While trench pipe excavation has become less common with the advent of trenchless technology, our drain and sewer experts are happy to provide whichever option best suits your property. Give our fully licensed and insured professionals a call to discuss whether to go with trenchless or traditional drain and sewer repairs today.

TLC Drain & Sewer: Making Repairs Easier & More Affordable for You

Founded by experienced Master Plumbers, TLC is the company homeowners in Philadelphia and surrounding areas trust for all their sewer and drain needs. We promise to always keep our pricing upfront and honest, never pulling a bait and switch and tacking on any last-minute fees or surcharges. From trenchless technology and beyond, we offer the best equipment on the market, and pride ourselves on keeping up with all the industry-leading advancements. And with 24/7 emergency service, there’s never a bad time to call TLC Drain & Sewer. Contact our Philadelphia sewer and drain repair pros, and get ready for the results – and the price – you deserve.

TLC Drain & Sewer is available by phone at (215) 639-7473. You can also click here to request a free estimate online.

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  • Great experience! Tech was knowledgeable and efficient and so nice.

    “Great experience! Tech was knowledgeable and efficient and so nice. I will be sure to recommend your company to others!”

    - Happy Customer
  • All of the people from TLC were prompt, polite, and effective and took the time to explain exactly what they were doing and why.

    “From what the insurance adjuster told my husband, both of these items should be covered as they will reduce the likelihood of future accidents in the basement. Thank you again!”

    - Kim
  • If it wasn’t for their speed and professionalism, the damage would have been 4 times as expensive.

    “TLC was professional and extremely quick to react to my problem. They came to the house at a late hour after my water heater broke. If it wasn’t for their speed and professionalism, the damage would have been 4 times as expensive. I’d highly re”

    - Jason G.
  • He actually showed up 10 minutes early for our appointment and that NEVER happens

    “Our technician, TJ was the best! He was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. He actually showed up 10 minutes early for our appointment and that NEVER happens with any other contractor. HIGHLY recommend!”

    - Happy Customer
  • I’m almost in tears.

    “I just wanted to tell you from the bottom of my heart how thankful I am for calling you guys, I’m almost in tears.”

    - Laura
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