Drain Clog Prevention Tips

The kitchen and bathroom are the number one places for your drains to get clogged at. Don’t dread another costly visit here are some tips to prevent clogging in the kitchen and bathroom:

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  1. Avoid pouring grease into your drains. Instead pour the grease into cans and throw them away in the garbage. The grease collects alongside of the pipes and then the food particles can get stuck on the pipes causing them to become clogged. Too much grease can eventually cause sewer blockages since the system cannot break down the grease, creating a potentially costly fix.
  2. Garbage disposals:
    1. Be careful with what you are putting down your disposal. Make sure when you are running your disposal you are running plenty of cold water to flush the food particles down the pipe. If you aren’t using enough water the particles will collect along the sides of the pipes and cause a bunch of problems for your pipes.
    2. Throw a lemon or orange peels down the disposal. This will help with any odors or anything coming from your drain.
  3. We know you love coffee but your pipes do not like the grounds! Avoid emptying coffee ground in the sink.
  4. Pour boiling water down your drain once a week to melt away any fat or grease that may have collected throughout the week.


  1. Clean up the pop-up stoppers in the sink and tub/shower frequently. Hair often collects here and can cause drain and clog issues.
  2. Avoid flushing heavy paper products down the drain. Excess paper can clog the toilet and the whole sewer system, making for one giant mess.

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  1. Avoid dumping chemicals like paint, paint thinner, or hot wax down the drain.
  2. Have your septic tank inspected every two or three years.
  3. Every six months, keep your drains clear by using a non-caustic drain cleaner like Drano or other products like that.

Taking preventative measures to make sure your drain and sewer stays clear can save you money and stress in the long run.

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