How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal In Tip Top Shape This Holiday Season

Anything that can make kitchen cleanup a little easier during the holiday season is always a good thing. This is one of the many reasons we love our garbage disposals. However, if the wrong things are repeatedly put down the disposal, break downs, blocked and clogged drains are only soon to follow, leading to potentially expensive damage. Since it’s putting in overtime this time of year, here are some simple things you can do to keep your disposal in tip top shape…

1.) Always make sure a strong flow of COLD water is running down the drain as you’re grinding food waste. This ensures that, if there’s any grease, it has a better chance of solidifying and being chopped up by the blade. Don’t turn the water off until the grinding is complete.
2.) Do NOT attempt to put a large amount of food down the disposal all at once.
3.) Rather than using harsh chemicals like drain cleaners and bleach to clean your disposal, pour some dish soap in and rinse down with cold water.
4.) Use ice cubes to sharpen the blades. Drop a few cubes down the disposal and turn it on for a few moments. You can also do this with frozen cubes of vinegar. This not only sharpens the blades, but freshens and breaks up grease deposits.
5.) Naturally deodorize your garbage disposal with either lemon or lime. Cut the fruit up into smaller pieces and grind them through your disposal with cold water on full blast.
6.) Regular maintenance from a professional can help avoid a total disposal replacement or pricey plumbing emergency.