How To Avoid Common Holiday Drain and Sewer Problems

Don't Treat Your Drain Like a Garbage Can

Your garbage disposal is  not a garbage grinder! Things that you should never put down your drain include: grease, fats, or oils from cooking: coffee grounds; bones and eggshells; pasta, rice, and breads; and gum. These items will either build up and clog your drain or dullen the garbage disposal blade. 

The Only Thing That Should Be Flushed Is Toilet Paper 

Items such as hair, paper products other than toilet paper, fibrous materials, cat litter, feminine hygiene products, and even other "flushable" products just don't break down quickly or thoroughly enough to be handled by septic or sewage lines. Also keep in mind that prescription medications, lotions, and cosmetics that are safe for your body can be potentially toxic to wildlife and/or leech into our drinking water. 

Keep TLC in Mind 24/7

TLC takes the worries out of the holiday season! Having a drain or sewer problem at your holiday party? Don't worry, just call TLC! With 24-hour service and a prompt arrival, we can change a big problem into a quick solution any day of the year, even on holidays!