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Major Pipe Repair at Local Medical Facility

TLC Drain & Sewer was called to address an issue caused by a major pipe deformity at a local medical facility. Extremely hot water had been dumped down one of the pipes, causing it to deform severely and not drain properly. Using advanced sewer line technology, TLC was able access the damaged section of pipe underneath […]

Tree Roots In My Sewer Line

Although this is an extremely common problem, it can be very costly and frustrating to deal with. Independently of each other, tree roots and sewer systems both contribute highly to our health and well-being. When these two systems come into contact with each other, they must be separated as soon as possible. There are many […]

Local Fast Food Restaurant

Emergency same day service for a local fast food restaurant. TLC Crew provided a 4000 gallon pump truck and a drain service truck for the purpose of an external grease trap cleaning and main drain jetting “flushing”.

Retail Super Center Sewer Repair

Here is our crew performing an inside sewer repair at a well-known, retail super center. TLC Drain & Sewer collaborated with TLC Water & Fire Restoration to create an ideal indoor work space. We provided dust containment to prevent cross contamination and air scrubbers for air quality control. Our crew was able to perform this […]

Storm Drain Video Inspection

A local Montgomery county municipality utilized TLC drain and sewer to do a storm drain video inspection under one of their major roadways. The project was completed promptly as per direction of Township Pubic Works Director. All Nassco recording reports were sent the following morning. All projects sent to TLC by municipalities are handled with […]

Historic Building Restoration

TLC utilizing state-of-the-art pipe bursting services to replace a sanitary sewer line inside a historic building. Utilizing this process, TLC did not have to disturb any of the original Foundation to complete the project.