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Property Managers

Commitment to Your Needs

We at TLC are committed to providing you with information as well as service.  We present you with the best possible course of action that will properly address not only your short-term needs, but your long-term needs as well.

Preventative Services

Long term solutions are what we aim to provide for you with our preventative services.  Be it monthly, quarterly, or yearly inspections, our preventative services help to greatly reduce the likelihood of any drain or sewer emergencies in your facility.  We have solutions for you, be it through bacteria and enzyme treatments, high-pressure water jetting cleaning, or just periodic plumbing inspections.  At the end of the day, our job is about solving and preventing problems: clearing drains and grease traps, diagnosing and repairing pipes, and ensuring that every TLC customer can get back to living and working quickly and efficiently.

Proper Equipment

We make sure that we are prepared for any job that you have, no matter the severity.  Therefore, our service vehicles are readily equipped with state-of-the-art tools, like video camera technology, high-pressure water jetting equipment, and means for trenchless pipe lining so that you benefit from more accurate, efficient, and effective long-term work.

Online Scheduling

For your convenience, we provide the ability to submit a service and scheduling request online.  Once your submission is complete, one of our dispatchers is immediately notified.

Trustworthy Professionals

One can never be too safe in today’s environment, and that is why we make sure to hire service professionals you can trust.  Each one of our technicians undergo a background check, as well as a drug and alcohol screening.  Additionally, we require each technician wear an easily identifiable uniform and ID badge so that offer you a level of comfort.

Qualified Experts

Each of our technicians are formally trained during our extensive in-house training program to ensure that you are receiving the best quality work.  Our professionals are experts in detecting and identifying drain problems.  Cleaning drains is our specialty!

TLC Drain has 24/7 Emergency Service!

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