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Water Line Slitting in Bridgeport, PA

Water Line Slitting in Bridgeport, PA

The most common culprit of drain pipe damage is the intrusion of tree roots into the joints of the pipes. Over time, as the roots develop, they can block and crack the pipe. Using our trenchless technology, we can repair or even replace the pipes by pulling new pipe through a damaged on, fracturing it outwards. This method is called pipe bursting.

We also use a method called waterline slittering as a solution for water line service replacement. During this process we essentially attach a new water line to your old and damaged line and as we pull your old line out, we install your new one quickly and efficiently.

Drain pipe repair does not have to be a stressful, intrusive and disruptive process. Let TLC Drain & Sewer be your easy and reliable solution.

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