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Hydro Excavating

Hydro Excavating, often referred to as “potholing” or “daylighting”, it is a much safer way of removing debris from a confined area. Large equipment is often not a realistic option in an area where there are many intersecting or parallel utilities.

TLC Drain & Sewer utilizes variable-pressure water jetting to liquefy the soil and loosen the surrounding compacted filler, so that we can then vacuum the emulsion directly into our truck. This process leaves a clean safe work site.

Another significant benefit is that only a small area needs to be excavated. We can work down to a trench from just a few inches across or a small hole just a few inches in diameter can be dug to accomplish the task at hand.

Some other common terms for this process: soft digging, hydro vac, hydro trenching, safe digging, non-destructive digging, potholing, daylighting, hydro excavating and vacuum excavation.

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