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Commercial Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are some of the most common plumbing problems that affecting both residential and commercial properties. Even with normal usage, drains such as those found in kitchen and bathroom sinks can become clogged with food, hair or other debris. No matter what the drain-related problem may be, TLC Drain & Sewer offers the best service to resolve the issue.

Sanitary Sewer Cleaning

A drain blockage is typically caused by any number of problems with your sanitary sewer system. This system is important because it carries wastewater from bathrooms, sinks, kitchens and other plumbing components from houses and commercial buildings to a wastewater treatment plant, where the sewage is then filtered, treated and discharged. There are several services we offer specifically designed to clear up any problems you may have in with your sanitary sewer system.

The TLC SewerSnakeâ„¢ is our drain cleaning tool that snags the clog or pushes it through to a main city sewer. Occasionally, a SewerSnakeâ„¢ will only remove a clogged drain temporarily. If this is the case, a TLC expert will identify that the clog requires a more extensive cleaning and will then implement the TLC SewerScrub, which utilizes high-pressure water jetting for squeaky-clean pipes.

Our go-to method for cleaning your drain is cable cleaning. The cable is placed in the drain and extended down the drain until it reaches the clog. It then pushes through the clog and pulls it out of the drain. From the heaviest roots to routine household sink clogs, we have a cable that is designed to match the nature of the specific clog.

The second most common method of cleaning out sanitary sewer lines is water jetting. Water jetting uses extremely high-pressure water to obliterate blockages caused by debris such as sludge, water, rocks and sand. Through this process, the debris and waste are easily flushed away.

Storm Drain Cleaning

The storm sewer system is designed to drain excess rain and ground water from paved streets, parking lots, sidewalks and roofs; however, debris such as leaves, sticks, cans, bottles, bags and more can find their way into a storm system through gutter grates. The accumulated debris prevents the storm water from draining effectively, causing backups that can result in flooding. Unlike the sanitary sewer system, the storm sewer drainage is NOT treated before being released into the environment, and therefore, sewage or hazardous wastes should not be disposed of through these drains. Storm sewer systems are typically found in curbs and low-lying outdoor areas and are made up of underground pipes and open ditches that lead to local streams and rivers.

Regular maintenance of storm drains is crucial in order to avoid extensive repair costs, maintain the quality of the water being released into the environment, save residential properties from potential damage, and to stop harmful gases and odors from building up.

Water jetting can be very effective for both sanitary sewer cleaning and storm drain cleaning. High-pressure water jetting clears away buildup that may be forming a blockage in the drain and causing flooding. The powerful stream of water can annihilate almost any build-up standing in its way, including sludge, debris and even tree and plant roots that have ruptured the drainage lines. Water jetting is not only efficient, but environmentally friendly.

At TLC Drain & Sewer, we offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties. We are experts at cleaning culvert and other drainage piping. We have a fleet of specialized equipment that has the power to tackle the most difficult jobs. The clear running of culverts and drainage piping is vital to help reduce the likelihood of flooding. We have worked with local industries and major contractors on many culvert clearing projects. The scope of work usually involves removing mass amounts of silt and general debris.

Our expertise and experience means that you can have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done right and on time. We are happy to carry out a free, no-obligation site visit to meet you and discuss your drain service requirements.

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