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NASSCO Certified Camera Inspections

At TLC Drain & Sewer, we believe that using state-of-the-art equipment provides the best solutions to drain and sewer issues—that’s why we do National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) Certified Camera Inspections. NASSCO Certified Camera Inspections enable our team to quickly and accurately detect and determine the issues in sewer systems, saving you time and money.

 The NASSCO Certified Camera Inspections offered at TLC Sewer & Drain include:

  • Sewer Lateral Assessment (LACP) Certified Camera Inspections
  • Pipeline Assessment (PACP) Certified Camera Inspections
  • Manhole Assessment (MACP) CCTV Inspections

When a certified TLC Drain & Sewer technician begins a camera inspection, they expertly work the camera through the drain or sewer pipe. While the camera goes through the pipes, the TLC expert is able to view its video footage on a monitor display—this enables our technicians to clearly see the condition of the pipe’s interior. Before this thorough inspection concludes, it is digitally recorded so we can closely inspect your pipe’s condition, identify its problem areas and provide you with the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Here at TLC Drain & Sewer, we pride ourselves in only using the best equipment that the industry has to offer. Not only do our cameras fit in pipes as small as 2 inches in diameter—and up to 36 inches—but they also have such high-resolution that they pick up on even the smallest of pipe issues! Whether your pipe issues are from grease buildup, tree root damage, leaks broken areas or obstructions, the experts at TLC Drain & Sewer will see it all.

 With the state-of-the-art Camera Inspections at TLC Drain & Sewer, our technicians are able to:

  • Pinpoint defects that lead to raw sewage backups
  • Eliminate the guesswork in underground drainage issues
  • Avoid diagnosing problems incorrectly
  • Record the condition of pipes
  • Guarantee that the correct solution is used to fix the issue
  • A detailed, in-depth view of drain and sewer lines

At TLC Drain & Sewer, we invest in the latest and greatest technology because we want to provide our customers with the most effective, efficient and long-term solutions. From Drain Cleaning to Trenchless Pipe Replacements, TLC can handle it—no matter the size of the job!

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