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Maintenance Professionals

Lighten Your Load

Drain and sewer work can be messy and time-consuming, and therefore might be on your list as a service that you may not want to offer.  At TLC, drains and sewers are our specialty, and it is the only things we do!  Therefore, we do not compete with your services.  We take the burden of drain and sewer maintenance and service off your plate and take care of your customers with the services you don’t want to offer, while also recommending your services to our customers.

Proper Equipment

We make sure that we are prepared for any job that you have, no matter the severity.  Therefore, our service vehicles are readily equipped with state-of-the-art tools, like video camera technology, high-pressure water jetting equipment, and means for trenchless pipe lining so that you benefit from more accurate, efficient, and effective long-term work.

Trustworthy Professionals

One can never be too safe in today’s environment, and that is why we make sure to hire service professionals you can trust.  Each one of our technicians undergo a background check, as well as a drug and alcohol screening.  Additionally, we require each technician wear an easily identifiable uniform and ID badge so that offer you a level of comfort.

Qualified Experts

Each of our technicians are formally trained during our extensive in-house training program to ensure that you are receiving the best quality work.  Our professionals are experts in detecting and identifying drain problems.  Cleaning drains is our specialty!

TLC Drain has 24/7 Emergency Service!

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